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Runaway ohio mom admits being selfish causing a nationwide manhunt David tehan said last week he was angry at hutcherson but that he"Absolutely"Forgives his wife.When asked why he forgave her, tehan said,"I don't know.It's supernatural. "She may have made some mistakes but everyone does and i can't blame her for any of this.She's a person like anyone else getting through life, and Buy UK Cheap Tiffany Bangles it's not always easy. " Ever since surveillance footage of tehan surfaced with hutcherson on tuesday, police considered the possibility that tehan was a runaway and not in danger. David tehan told"Good morning america"Last wednesday the couple was not having marital problems. "It just seems so completely out of character.I just can't understand or believe etrio Earrings it,"He said. Before tehan was discovered in miami beach, her friends said she would never have left her daughter. "We're trying to leave the details and the speculation to the police,"Tracy staley said earlier last week. "That mother-Child bond is unlike anything else. " David tehan said last week their baby daughter is"Coping as well as can be expected,"Considering how her life has been disrupted since his wife's disappearance. "If there's anything i could say to tiffany,"He said before she was found,"It would just be that i love you, i miss you and i can't wait to see you again. " Police released images tuesday taken from a surveillance camera at a convenience store showing tehan and a bearded man, later identified as hutcherson.Police say tehan and the man regularly visited the store together in recent weeks, but her friends and family did not recognize him.