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'NBA 2K12' cover art to show Bird (Fox news)If one legendary basketball superstar on the cover of your blu-Ray is great, what a couple of? 2K Sports announced Thursday that the top's art of their upcoming NBA simulation game,"Basketball 2k12, will feature not just the return of jordan but also covers featuring 1980s greats larry bird shoes: and magic johnson.Each athlete will be shown separately on three distinct covers of the match packaging. The Air Jordan 23 artwork of each athlete is created for 2k sports by artist adam larson.Larson's sports work has been insisted on in a cover of espn magazine, featured in free galleries and won numerous awards. Jer argent, vp of marketing for 2k sports, said after the huge success of jordan on the top's for"Basketball 2k11, freebies signed his airness to a multiyear partnership.But he said jordans shoes 2014 the company wanted to give fans just a repeat. "We are constantly focused on smashing the mold, not falling into any kind pattern, he was quoted saying. "We wanted to make a big statement and a big departure and to be able to evolve and grow this franchise, made up of been such a great level of success for us, "The idea was to keep doing things bigger and better and in order to shake things up, Argent said he thought the multicover approach was a first in the sports video game genre and extends the strong legacy created by"National basketball association 2k11, last year's game sold more than 5 million units worldwide and won 14 sports game of the season honors. He said they weren't ready to release gameplay details here, but the school of thought and success of the jordan challenge in"Basketball 2k11"Would be repeated and expanded in the new version.