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Air career with te'o Abc made the announcement sunday but offered no details on where and when the interview will take place with te'o and couric, a special writer for the network. The man alleged to continues to be the mastermind of the hoax, 22 years old ronaiah tuiasosopo, may also speak to the media this week, his uncle told editors in lancaster, calif. Te'o discussed the ex-Fiancee hoax story friday night with espn's jeremy schaap, but he would never allow the two hour session to be taped for broadcast. The all american's caregivers, brian coupled with jordans shoes: ottilia, will join him for his first on air interview the alleged"Catfishing"Hoax became public yesterday evening. The new york times reported that oprah, one week taken out of her sitdown with lance armstrong, also planned to interview te'o. Couric will give previews of the te'o interview this week on abc's"Good am america"Moreover"Nightline, jordans shoes 2014 usa today submitted. In the job interview with schaap, te'o said he had fudged several details of the story about a partner who had leukemia, lennay kekua, that didn't exist but added that he was never a an area of the scheme. Notre dame has subsidized te'o, saying a study determined that he was Air Jordan 4 the victim of an elaborate hoax.