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Patrick dempsey beats starbucks Looks like patrick dempsey is no longer just the studliest fictional doctor in etrio Necklaces seattle.He's likely the city newest coffee chain owner as well. The actor, known for his mcdreamy persona on the television show"Grey's anatomy,"Says he's headed for a new role Tiffany Jewellery Sets as the owner of seattle-Based tully's coffee. His group, global baristas, will pay $9.15 million for Tully's, Dempsey said in a statement.He said the group beat out six other bidders for the company, including local rivals such as hooters-Esque brand baristas coffee co.And starbucks corp. Late thursday night, after emerging from a closed auction for tully dempsey triumphantly tweeted: "We met the green monster, looked her in the eye, Cheap Tiffany Pendants and.She blinked!We got it!Thank you seattle! " Tully has 47 company-Owned shops in washington and california.Its parent company, tc global inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October. The chain has been around for two decades and has Earbob more than 500 employees, according to dempsey's statement. "I'm confident we will be able to successfully build the brand and help grow the economy,"He said in the statement. "Seattle has been very good to me over my career, and i am honored to have the privilege to own tully's and work closely with the company's employees. "